Stubbins Congregational Church                            (Later United Reformed Church)
Bolton Road North
Stubbins, Ramsbottom


Stubbins Congegational Church
Stubbins Congregational Church  c1973

   Stubbins Congegational Church

The Church closed with the building being demolished in 1983. The church site was cleared in 1984. Worship was moved to the old school building, the final service being held on Sun 7th April 1991

Stubbins Congegational Church Memorial
Names On WW1 Memorial:
F. Bailey
G. Dewhurst
R. Gregory
W. Hartley
J. Hook
J.H. Horrocks
J. Ledder
J. Myers
W. Stansfield
H. Smith

Names On WW2 Memorial
B. Hassall
H. Roper
F. Wolstenholme

Pictures of Stubbins Congregational Church  and War Memorial   by kind permission of David J. Barnes

Ramsbottom Methodist Chapel                                WW1 Memorial Window                                           Chapel Now Converted into Apartments

Ramsbottom Methodist Chapel WW1 Window Names On WW1 Memorial Window:
John Booth
Joseph Henry Driver
Fred Edwin Hitchon
Arthur Horsfall
Fred Whittaker
Ramsbottom Methodist Chapel WW1 Window

Pictures of Ramsbottom Methodist Chapel Memorial Window        by kind permission of Michael Booth