Rowlands Methodist Church
Rowlands Road


Rowlands Church
Rowlands Church Summerseat c1973

Rowlands Church Memorial   Rowlands Church Memorial Names On WW1 Memorial:
C Berry
E Berry
E Brennand
R Bucill
A M Eastwood
H Eastwood
H Greenwood
F Hardman
G H Haslam
E Haworth
J Haley
C W Heffer
W Heyes
E Hickling
J W Holden
F Holgate
Rowlands Church Memorial
H Hopkinson
J Howarth
F Hudson
J Hutton
J B Hutton
F M Kay
J E Kershaw
S Kershaw
E Marshall
J T Milburn
C Murfitt
J Oversby
H O'Connell
J S Smith
W Tattersall
Rowlands Church Memorial
Rowlands Church Memorial
Names On WW2 Memorial
Herbert Cook R.A.F.
Gnr Clifford Green R.A.
AB/S Barnes Howarth R.N.
Gnr. Robert Mansfield R.A.
Gnr Thomas McDonald R.A
TPR William P. Sanders R.A.S.C
WW1 Grave  WW2 Grave
Pictures of Rowlands Church War Memorial and Graves by kind permission of Peter Ward
There are two graves in Rowlands Church yard. These are:
WW1  Private J Nicholson
WW2 Sgt. H. Cook R.A.F.

Holcombe Emmanuel Church

Holcome Emmanuel Church
Picture of Church by kind permission of Paul Anderson
Holcombe Emmanuel Church
Picture of Lychgate by kind permission of Alexander P Kapp
Holcombe Emmanuel Church Memorial

Holcombe Emmanuel Church Memorial
Names On WW1 Memorial:
H. Allen
Leonie Ashworth
A. Booth
C. Booth
A. Brown
J. Brown
W.R. Buckley
B. Burton
E. Collinge
J. Counter
F. Dale
J. Greenwood
A. Gregg
J. Gregg
W. Hall
E.  Hamer
W. Haslam
J. H. Howarth
S. Howarth
P. Jackson
F. Nuttall
C.A. Nuttall
W. Nuttall
R. Raynerd
T. Schofield
W. Taylor
J. Walsh
The memorials at Holcombe Emmanuel Church can be found in the Lychgate of the Church.
Pictures of Holcombe Emmanuel Church War Memorials
by kind permission of Peter Ward