St Andrews Church
Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom


St Andrews Church Ramsbottom
Picture of Church by kind permission of Paul Anderson
Names On Memorial:
F.E. Aspinall
J.H. Bott
J. Broadley
T. Brogan
J. Brooks
J. H. Brooks
A. Brown
J. Brown
F. Dale
W. Dearden
J.W. Downham
F. Earnshaw
W. Forshaw
G. Geldard
A. Greenwood
J. Greenwood
E. Grimshaw
S. Hargreaves
W. Henderson
St Andrews Ramsbottom

 St Andrews Ramsbottom
W. Horrocks
W. Howard
R. Isherwood
R. Margerson
T.R. Marsden
J. W. Mills
W. Nuttall
W. Nuttall
W.H. Nuttall
R. Payne
J.A. Rutherford
P.G. Simmonds
W. Tomlinson
J.T. Warner
J. Welch
F. Whiteside
J. Whittaker
R. Wilding
F. Wood

St Andrews Ramsbottom    St Andrews Ramsbottom
Pictures of Memorial Window by kind permission of
John Tomlinson

Park Independent Church
Manchester Road
Shuttleworth, Ramsbottom

Park Independant Church  
Park Independant Memorial Park Independant Memorial
Pictures of Park Church and Memorial
by kind permission of P Ward
The memorial can be found in the church yard behind the church which has now closed and is being refurbished into apartments.
Names on Memorial:
T. Smethurst
J. Healey
H. Westwell
E. Ashton
E. Burgess
H. Kenyon
G. Kenyon
S. Evans